Who Needs a Spray Booth?

Who Needs a Spray Booth?

Why is a Spray Booth Necessary?

Using a spray booth ensures that paint jobs are done faster, safer and cleaner. The most important function of a paint booth is to contain paint overspray, keeping your employees and the environment safe. By confining the application of a hazardous material to a controlled environment, paint booths prevent hazardous overspray from causing fire or explosion, control air fuel/mixture so that a combustible combination cannot occur and ultimately, provide a clean environment in which to paint.

In addition to safety, quality can be significantly improved with a paint booth. Enclosed paint booths offer a contaminant-free environment for better quality paint jobs. Before air enters the paint booth, it is filtered through high-efficiency filters that prevent small dirt and dust particles from coming into the booth and landing in your paint job. Cleaner paint jobs also means less rework, saving businesses valuable time.

The use of a code-compliant paint booth for paint spraying is necessary to meet local, state and national safety codes that are put in place to protect people and the environment. A paint booth should be ETL listed and should comply with NFPA 33 codes and OSHA standards.

Who Needs a Spray Booth?

Virtually everyone who applies coatings of any kind should use a spray booth. Spray booths improve quality and efficiency, help prevent environmental pollution and are required by national and local codes.

When considering whether or not you should upgrade or purchase a new paint booth, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Is your finishing or refinishing operation clean and energy-efficient?
    2. Does it meet your business’ production standards and levels?
    3. Is there evidence of paint or coating overspray?
    4. Is there an odor indicating paint and coatings are escaping out of the spray area?
    5. Is valuable production time spent on rework due to dust or dirt contamination or uneven curing?

If the answer to the first two questions is no, or if the answer to 3, 4 or 5 is yes, you should strongly consider upgrading your paint booth.

There are many different options of automotive refinish paint booths to choose from.

Automotive Refinish Paint Booth Configurations

  • Solid Back
  • Drive-Thru
  • Side-Load System
  • Dual-Bay/Tunnel Booth
  • Baking Booth
  • Airflow Options
    • Downdraft
    • Semi-Downdraft
    • Crossdraft
    • Side Downdraft

GFS Equipment Features

GFS paint booths are expertly designed and engineered for superior performance and longevity. GFS offers many pre-engineered models and standard options that deliver consistent, quality results and feature shorter lead times. With exceptional lighting, intuitive controls, premium contamination control and effective overspray capture, GFS paint booths allow for flawless paint finishes and increased productivity.

  • Flexible, modular design
  • Multiple width, length and height combinations
  • Custom engineering for special applications
  • 2-axis and 3-axis personnel lifts
  • Quality construction
    • Vertical wall panels designed to reduce the number of joints and seams in the cabin’s construction
    • Precise tolerance engineering
    • Four- or six-tube inside-access light fixtures with T8 fluorescent color-corrected bulbs for superior illumination
    • Single- or dual-skin wall panels
  • Equipment installation by certified Sales, Installation and Service (SIS) distributors