Infrared Curing

Infrared Curing

The Science of Then and Now

When talking about infrared curing technology, there are gas catalytic and electric systems. While there are benefits to be found with both over conventional systems, the way they generate and utilize IR heat sets one above the other.

Gas-powered IR technology uses the flow of natural gas to a catalytic ceramic plate, where gas is forced through small holes that break the bonds in the natural gas molecules. When oxygen is added, transformed natural gas molecules generate the heat. The IR heat created from this reaction is mostly medium wave, with some long wave.

Since the heat created is mostly medium wave, each layer of coating needs to be cured individually. In addition, gas catalytic IR must be preheated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which takes about 10 minutes. Because of this, shops commonly keep the unit on all day, incurring additional costs and creating a potential safety hazard to workers.

REVO Accelerated Curing Systems, on the other hand, use short-wave electric IR technology. This is generated by sending an electrical current to a tungsten filament, which then produces mostly short wave energy (tests indicate 80 percent of the energy emitted is short wave, with some medium waves as well). That short wave energy is able to penetrate multiple layers of coating to heat the substrate beneath.

Unlike gas catalytic IR in which each layer must be cured individually, REVO Systems allow for up to three coats to be cured with one pass. And where gas catalytic IR systems take time to preheat, the electric IR technology of REVO Systems reaches curing temperature almost instantly.

Transforming Collision Repair with Electric Infrared Curing

The wait is over. Improve your paint shop efficiency without having to overhaul your space with accelerated curing systems from Global Finishing Solutions. The revolutionary technology cures filler and coatings quickly from the inside out.

Infrared Systems can increase your paint shop throughput by up to 80%. Easy to operate and install, Infrared systems save time and improve results. With multiple models designed to t a variety of needs, there’s a solution to start saving you time and money immediately.


Accelerated Curing Systems offer the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes. Repair cycle time is shortened and rework is significantly reduced thanks to the high quality, complete cure Infrared Systems always deliver.


REVO Accelerated Curing Systems use short wave electric infrared technology, which provides significant throughput gains, energy cost savings and quality improvements.

Curing time for both prep and paint phases of repair can be reduced by hours, freeing up your technicians to complete additional repairs. There is no need to add accelerators to speed curing time; the fast dry time and complete cure from electric IR technology delivers high quality results that reduce the need for rework.

Electric IR energy costs are a fraction of the energy costs to run a conventional system. Infrared Systems take just a fraction of a second to heat up and are ready to cure a repair immediately. Cool down is also very quick so the systems can be turned on only when needed and are safe to handle shortly after shutdown.

Infrared Systems deliver consistent, controlled heat. Temperature is precisely regulated by easy-to-operate controls. With short wave IR technology, the drying energy is concentrated on only the panels needing repair and penetrates multiple layers of coatings to heat the substrate beneath. With just one pass, Infrared Systems consistently cure primer, sealer and paint.




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