Fast Curing Solutions

Choosing the right heat source

Gas Catalytic Infrared (medium to long wave)

  • Pro – lowest cost to operate, environmental, well absorbed by part
  • Con – won’t suit every part, learning curve, highest first cost

Electric Infrared (short to medium wave)

  • Pro – fast and powerful, instantaneous reaction
  • Con – highest cost to operate, most limited on parts, can be unforgiving


  • Pro – most flexible, easiest to operate
  • Con – cost to operate, emissions, lowest quality of finish

Why use IR vs Convection

  • Cost savings
  • Space savings
  • Work in process savings
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental
  • Quality

Why Infrared?

  • Do more with less
  • Drive costs out of your line
  • Improve the quality of your parts
  • Sustainability is the new imperative