How to Finish in the Money

How to Finish in the Money

We at Global Finishing Solutions take great pride in offering the highest quality refinishing systems in Global downdraft spray paint booths, prep stations and mixing rooms. Quality and service are the two main reasons why Global is the best selling top-of-the-line spray paint booth in the world.

We all know, though, that no matter how sophisticated the equipment, body shop contaminants can ruin finishes and damage both reputations and profits. It takes quality equipment and good practices to control contamination. That’s why Global Finishing Solutions service not only includes consulting on shop layout, complete turnkey service through installation and dependable service after the sale, but also serious instruction in the control of contaminants.

That’s the reason for this web site. As far as we know, there is not another like it in the industry. In “How To Finish In The Money” we pulled together an abundance of information, resulting in what we think is the definitive resource on preventing contamination in the body shop.

Our work defining contamination sources and what to do about them began more than a decade ago, with data gathered during site inspections investigating complaints of poor booth performance. Our findings were that nearly always “poor booth performance” was, in reality, poor shop practices and faulty object preparation.

What we’ve learned is that diligent and constant attention to practices and object preparation invariably results in consistently cleaner finishes coming out of the booth and greatly-reduced afterwork.

To understand the importance of this approach, we will begin by looking at potential sources of contamination in the paint shop. We will review samples of contamination generated by various sources, and identify steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate contamination in each of the sources. And we’ll outline a step-by-step procedure which will help bring the reality of clean finishes to your shop!

Several companies have provided information contained in these pages. We would like to thank Autobody Systems, Bobby Johnson (B & J Collision Repair), PPG Paints, Sikkens (AKZO Coatings), 3M Company, and Viledon for their help in our endeavor.
By using this web site as a guide, we hope that your shop will enjoy a more efficient refinishing operation and a corresponding increase in profits.