Temperature & Humidity-Control

Temperature & Humidity-Control

Humidity-Controlled Air Make-up Unit
Humidity-Controlled Air Make-Up Unit

How Do I Control Humidity?

It is expensive to heat replacement air in a paint booth, since so much air is exhausted and so much energy is wasted. Adding the requirement for a humidity-controlled environment can cause costs to skyrocket and prompt greater attention to energy conservation.

The first step in conserving energy is to minimize the amount of exhaust air that is required for the paint booth. Even when airflow is reduced to the minimum that can be afforded, it is still both safe and healthy. It is possible to install energy recovery to reclaim cooling from the exhaust air and transfer it to the incoming air. The airflow patterns of a humidity-controlled booth must be carefully analyzed to promote complete mixing of incoming air.

Good airflow design should minimize the effect of warm air rising and cool air descending. Air stratification is minimal in a downdraft booth, as air is drawn to the trenches like a magnet. The air temperature will be most consistent throughout the booth if dead spots are correctly addressed.