What Kind of Lighting Is Needed?

T8 LightsLighting is a crucial element in achieving the finest possible finish. Precoated white ceiling panels can improve reflectivity. Fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting fixtures are most commonly used in aircraft paint booths, as color rendition is of heightened importance.

Lights should be mounted flush in the sidewalls and in the ceiling — possible with both crossdraft and downdraft booths. They also should be strategically placed in the booth to allow lighting on all parts of the plane, with no shadows or dark spots.

How Is Fire Protection Implemented?

Fire protection presents a few challenges when designing a downdraft booth. The floor pits must be configured to handle a large amount of water during a fire. The addition of drains and a sewage system are also essential. With crossdraft booths, the water drains under the door, which is not ideal.

What Are the Next Steps?

Crossdraft and downdraft aircraft paint booths both have pros and cons. It is the task of the engineer of the paint booth, in collaboration with the customer, to make an informed judgment when selecting a paint booth airflow style.

Paint booth manufacturers — such as Global Finishing Solutions — will work with you to design, engineer, manufacture and build equipment that meets your unique needs, thanks to our in-house team of electrical engineers, licensed structural engineers, airflow specialists, code compliance specialists, mechanical engineers, systems designers and project managers.

Fighter Jet in Paint Booth