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3.1 Introduction

3.2 Laminar Airflow

3.3 Pressure Differences Move Air

3.4 Draw-Thru Systems

3.5 Pressurized Systems

3.6 Incorrect Airflow Balance

3.7 Correct Airflow Balance

3.8 What Affects Balance

3.9 The Effects of Changing Balance

3.10 Affecting Balance Through Mechanics

3.11 Adaptations During Spraying

3.12 Conclusion

3.3 Pressure Differences Move Air



In order for air to move, a pressure difference must exist from one end of the booth to the other. In a draw-thru booth (Figure 1) the pressure at the entrance will be near zero, and it will get progressively more negative as it approaches the filter bank and exhaust fan. One may think of the spraying chamber as a section of ductwork, since it is completely enclosed.

Notice the gradation of pressure as the air moves from one end to the other. If the room pressure were to be measured relative to the outside area at the center of the booth, you would find that the pressure would be different at the end of the booth nearest the exhaust filters.

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