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3.1 Introduction

3.2 Laminar Airflow

3.3 Pressure Differences Move Air

3.4 Draw-Thru Systems

3.5 Pressurized Systems

3.6 Incorrect Airflow Balance

3.7 Correct Airflow Balance

3.8 What Affects Balance

3.9 The Effects of Changing Balance

3.10 Affecting Balance Through Mechanics

3.11 Adaptations During Spraying

3.12 Conclusion

3.1 Introduction


Rich Thelen, PE - Global Finishing Solutions


Paint Booth Pressure Levels

Much thought has been given to paint booth pressures. Usually this discussion centers on whether the booth is under a negative or positive pressure. Some discussions insist that the booth be held at a positive pressure relative to the outside so that dirt and debris cannot enter the painting chamber and soil the object being painted. This is a serious consideration in booth design and is generally solved by having very good seals on the doors and completely caulking the panels. Others insist the booth be at a negative pressure relative to the outside. This prevents emissions and VOCs from entering the room adjacent to the spraying chamber. Once again, having very good seals on the doors and caulking the panels solve this problem.



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