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3.1 Introduction

3.2 Laminar Airflow

3.3 Pressure Differences Move Air

3.4 Draw-Thru Systems

3.5 Pressurized Systems

3.6 Incorrect Airflow Balance

3.7 Correct Airflow Balance

3.8 What Affects Balance

3.9 The Effects of Changing Balance

3.10 Affecting Balance Through Mechanics

3.11 Adaptations During Spraying

3.12 Conclusion

3.4 Draw-Thru Systems


Notice that in the draw-thru system, the air is drawn through a filter door or wall. This is usually the product entry door because it has sufficient area to allow for good filtration. It is an important addition to a booth to add a filter door (as opposed to using an open front booth) because air carrying dust and dirt particles is filtered prior to entering the painting chamber removing most of the cause of imperfections. Filters will also smooth out the airflow by diffusing the air.


paint booth pressure levels, perfect


Graphic by permission of Ron Joesph & Associates, Inc.



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