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3.1 Introduction

3.2 Laminar Airflow

3.3 Pressure Differences Move Air

3.4 Draw-Thru Systems

3.5 Pressurized Systems

3.6 Incorrect Airflow Balance

3.7 Correct Airflow Balance

3.8 What Affects Balance

3.9 The Effects of Changing Balance

3.10 Affecting Balance Through Mechanics

3.11 Adaptations During Spraying

3.12 Conclusion

3.11 Adaptations During Spraying

The object (to be painted) introduces challenges that can frustrate a painter at times. But painters are clever creatures and by experimenting with their stance and the location of the spray they can overcome most of the negative effects of the object interferences. Mostly, these effects show up in turbulence and the overspray causes a soiled area on the object to be painted. By choosing the method of applying paint, many of these effects can be mitigated. The painter may find that by spraying from back to front works better than the opposite way. Perhaps re-orienting the object will modify the turbulence to the point that it is no longer a problem.

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