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2.1 Introduction

2.2 Paint Booth Inserts

2.3 Paint Barns

2.4 Large Aircraft Inserts

2.5 Mechanical Equipment

2.6 Sizing of Systems

2.7 Plenum Doors

2.8 Lighting

2.9 Access and Fall Protection

2.10 Budget Costing

2.11 Conclusion

2.1 Introduction


The use of inserts for painting fighter aircraft in the military has a long-established and proven record of success. It achieves all of the main objectives of a paint booth:

  • Protects against fires;
  • Contains the VOC’s;
  • Provides the proper environment for the painter.
Inserts have been used in civil and military facilities. The US Air Force has over 25 inserts and the painters who paint in them know what paint finish quality means. Wherever inserts have been used paint re-work has dropped, giving painters control over the painting environment they need to do a professional job.

Inserts have been used for fighters such as F-16s, F-15s, and A-10s. They have also been used for larger planes such as the C-130, C-141 and many of the VIP planes such as the B-707. When compared with a paint barn, they feature clean, smooth and easily cleanable interior walls and surfaces, excellent lighting, controllable and laminar airflows, and reduced paint re-work.



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