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2.1 Introduction

2.2 Paint Booth Inserts

2.3 Paint Barns

2.4 Large Aircraft Inserts

2.5 Mechanical Equipment

2.6 Sizing of Systems

2.7 Plenum Doors

2.8 Lighting

2.9 Access and Fall Protection

2.10 Budget Costing

2.11 Conclusion

2.11 Conclusion


The use of a paint booth insert for painting large aircraft will meet all of the tests for an effective paint booth (safety, health and quality) enabling a good paint job. The use of paint barns will achieve two of the three objectives, but rarely provides the control of the painter’s environment that is so essential to getting a good paint job. The facts show that inserts are a practical method of achieving all of the objectives of a paint facility. In large aircraft painting, airflow is lower, energy and life cycle costs are lower, and lighting is better than in a comparable paint barn. In addition, the paint booth insert is environmentally friendly and has a much lower investment cost.



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