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Finishing Academy Paint Booth Training

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2.1 Introduction

2.2 Paint Booth Inserts

2.3 Paint Barns

2.4 Large Aircraft Inserts

2.5 Mechanical Equipment

2.6 Sizing of Systems

2.7 Plenum Doors

2.8 Lighting

2.9 Access and Fall Protection

2.10 Budget Costing

2.11 Conclusion

2.9 Access and Fall Protection


Access to painting of the aircraft is possible using floor supported devices. While the use of floor supported devices is not feasible for a blast media booth due to buildup of media on the floor, this is not true of a paint booth. If the use of overhead access devices is necessary, the structure of the booth is adequate to support these devices. In addition, since the devices are closer to the painted surface, they are shorter and necessarily stiff, reducing wiggling and accidental nicks in the plane surface. The structural strength of this paint booth allows the easy installation of fall protection devices. The cables or channels used in fall protection designs can be easily attached to the steel beams supporting the roof panels. The booth structure is designed to handle these sometimes-severe loads and shocks.



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