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1.1 Introduction

1.2 Crossdraft

1.3 Downdraft

1.4 Airflow

1.5 Filter Replacement

1.6 Temperature and Humidity - Controlled Booths

1.7 Equipment

1.8 Fire Protection

1.9 Conclusion

1.1 Introduction


The most important element of any professional finishing program is the painter. Their skill and touch are often the difference between an indifferent paint job and a high quality paint job. In the end it is the finish that is the objective, not the airflow patterns in the booth. Having said that, if we took the approach that we had the best painters on earth, what would be the ideal airflow pattern in a paint booth? Would it be cross-draft or down-draft?

Airplanes are difficult items to design a paint booth for. The aerodynamic shape of an airplane tends to cause disruptions in airflow. Many items that are painted in paint booths like buses and trucks have enough volume that they significantly affect the remaining volume of the booth. That is not true with airplanes. In a crossdraft booth, the head-on silhouette is a very small percentage of the booth cross sectional area. In the downdraft mode, the plane ‘shadow’ area could result in reduced airflow underneath the aircraft.



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