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  • Shop Lighting

3.1.4 Shop Lighting


Natural lighting is the best, and building designs that use skylights and windows bring it inside. Northern facing openings provide light more evenly throughout the day. Try to place windows and skylights to eliminate glare.


A combination of fluorescent tubes and white-painted surfaces create a well-lit work area.

But you still need artificial lighting for night work and because natural light varies so much. Where you need artificial light, fluorescent lights or, if you have high ceilings, metal halide lights, are energy-efficient and effective. Movable lights can be used, but they take up valuable floor space and get in the way.


You can boost lighting just by painting the walls white or some other reflective light color.


You need color-corrected lighting in some critical areas. It’s highly recommended for the refinish department, including the paint mix room, spray booth, prep stations and limited finishing workstations. Your detail area should have color-corrected lighting. You should consider it for your delivery area too, so your customer can see and appreciate the high-quality work you’ve done before leaving your shop.

Artificial lighting can cause a condition call “metamerism”. This condition may cause the paint in the area you just repaired to look as though it doesn’t match the rest of the car.


Make sure you have adequate lighting in all areas of your facility.


Light fixtures in the ceiling provide abundant overall lighting. A combination of fluorescent tubes and white-painted surfaces create a well-lit work area.


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