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  • Regulations and Permits

3.1.3 Local, State, Federal Regulations and Permits


This is no place for shortcuts. Getting the proper permits from the federal, state and local jurisdictions can be frustrating and time consuming, but the earlier you begin talking to the right authorities, the smoother the whole project will be. If you wait too long, or try to take shortcuts, you’ll almost always have problems, including higher construction costs. Your architect-contractor-supplier team should know who controls what in your area. That’s important because zoning requirements can greatly affect the appearance of your building, as well as where you locate it on your property.

Because zoning, building, fire, insurance and environmental regulations all may affect your shop, you should discuss your plans with your local planning commission or board, and your zoning board, before you buy land or start building. And make sure you understand everything your city, state and federal government wants — and plans for it — before you begin construction. Otherwise you might wind up with a building they won’t let you use!


You also have to be aware of federal and state worker protection codes, and any insurance regulations that may affect your shop after it’s built. For example, your workplace may be covered by OSHA requirements. This normally means your equipment must be approved by independent testing agencies. Most jurisdictions require the equipment in your shop have an approval from an independent testing agency. Most jurisdictions recognize ETL, UL, FM or CSA testing agencies. Your equipment supplier should be able to help you with their approval listings. All equipment supplied by Global Finishing Solutions meets the appropriate codes for the particular item as signified by their labels, such as ETL, UL, FM or CSA.


Your architect-contractor team should be able to help with additional permits. These may include building permits, electric permits, sprinkler permits, etc. It is wise to be sure all permits are in order before any construction begins.3.1.3


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