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  • Paint Mix Rooms

3.3.5 Paint Mix Rooms


In-house paint mixing systems offer many benefits including:

1. Waste reduction. You mix only the amount of paint you need.
2. Time savings. Your paint is ready when you need it.
3. Versatility. You can match thousands of factory colors.


Paint mixing machines come in many different sizes. You will also need digital scale, label printers, computer, and quart and gallon agitators. Your paint supplier will help you choose the right equipment for your application.


Paint mix systems must be installed in a clean, well-ventilated room. You should put your mixing machine and accessories in a pre-engineered paint mix room. A typical paint mix room is constructed of sheet-metal panels much like those used in spray booths. It should have color-corrected artificial lighting and downdraft ventilation. Paint mix rooms are generally located next to the spray booth to maximize painter productivity. Your local jurisdiction will probably have codes regulating your paint mix room size, proximity of paint mix room door to the spray booth door and ventilation requirements. Several suppliers, including Global Finishing Solutions, offer vestibule kits to enclose this area.


Some manufacturers offer exhaust-only models, while other manufacturers may have both input and exhaust blowers. The input blower will pressurize the paint mix room to push airborne dust away from the door when it is opened. This option will help maintain a cleaner mix room environment and cleaner vehicle paint work.


This paint mix system has been installed in a mix room lying between

two downdraft spray booths, which is direct-connected to each

booth by a vestibule - no dirt here!


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