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  • Body Straightening & Metal Repair Equipment

3.3.1 Body Straightening & Metal Repair Equipment


To restore a collision-damaged vehicle to pre-accident condition, a body shop first has to hold on to the vehicle, accurately measure it and pull it back into shape, to ensure the vehicle is returned to factory specifications.


Holding and pulling a vehicle can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Floor systems can be used to hold the vehicle in place, while a portable pulling device is used to pull the vehicle back to factory specifications. Benches can accomplish the same task, but usually require a much longer set up time. Racks are used to hold the vehicle in place, while attached posts will do the pulling. Racks will usually consist of a drive-on deck, which is surrounded by moveable hydraulic pulling posts. Many high production collision shops are using floor systems in combination with a rack or bench. The rack or bench can be used for heavy hits, while the floor system is used for light pulls. Keep in mind that if you are going to work with full-frame cars, trucks or vans, you will need equipment that can generate up to 20 tons of force. Unibody construction cars require only 4 tons.


Items to consider:

1- Setup time required before pulling can start
2- Ease of getting non-driveable vehicles on equipment
3- Ease of use
4- Pulling capabilities
5- Training
6- Service



Racks hold the vehicle down while it is pulled back to factory specifications.
Floor systems installed in each stall permit technicians to continue working without waiting for equipment to free up.


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