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3.3.7 Lifts


You need lifts in a productive collision shop for three reasons:

1. Increased production. Studies show that productivity increases of 20% can be realized by using lifts.
2. Higher quality work. Workers can see and repair all the problems on the vehicle.
3. Workers don't get tired. The worker is able to stand or sit on a seat, not kneeling or lying on the floor.

Where do you need lifts? At prep stations and in the spray booth, in addition to the metal working department.

Lifts are especially useful in spray booths to help the painter get a quality finish on the lower surfaces of the car. Electrical lifts should not be used in spray booths or prep stations unless they are equipped with explosion-proof motors. And the solvents used in many paints may attack the seals used in hydraulic lifts. So Global Finishing Solutions believes pneumatic lifts are the best choice for spray booths or prep stations. Global Finishing Solutions offers lifts which are easily installed in either location.


Lifts are also very useful in the estimating area. A small pneumatic, hydraulic or electric lift is all that's needed. But it will give both salesmen / estimators and customers a complete view of the vehicle. You can also put one in the detailing are for customer convenience in checking out his or her finished vehicle (or perform this last service in the estimating area).


In the metal repair area, you should consider lifts that raise one part of the car higher than the other. These are available in a variety of styles, lift capacities and power sources. And there are a number of good manufacturers. So once again, we recommend you talk to several before choosing the lifts for your shop.


Pneumatic lifts throughout the collision shop will increase production,

quality and worker satisfaction.


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