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  • Sample Layout for a Large Facility

3.4.2 Sample Floor Layout in a Large Collision Facility


The design you see here offers most of the features this guide recommends:




1. Metalworking is located well away from the paint shop, so dirt and dust from sanding and grinding operations can’t contaminate new paint jobs.

2. Prep stations or limited finishing workstations located just before the spray booth improves the prepping operations' need to match factory paint finishes. They control dirt and let you do priming, so your spray booth can be kept free for assembled vehicles.

3. A floor-rail and dolly system lets you move cars sideways, backward and forward without starting their engines or remounting their wheels.

4. The paint mixing room is located next to the spray booth for convenience, and separated from it to comply with NFPA regulations. A vestibule between the two allows access to either the booth or mix room without being exposed to the shop environment.

5. Cool down / unmasking / re-assembly take place just outside the spray booth.

6. Detailing is right after the reassembly area. This is the best work to show off to your customers because it demonstrates your close attention to the finishing touches.

7. Parts storage is right next to the production manager’s office, so he can easily track the parts status of each job.

8. Final inspection/delivery area has easy access to a meeting room/office for final discussions on the outcome of a job.


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