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  • Heating & Air Replacement

3.3.6. Heating & Air Replacement Systems


The simple fact is you should use radiant heat for your entire shop to help keep it clean. Radiant heat systems work without fans, so they don't move dirt and dust around. They also heat the things in your shop, not the air around them. Also don't forget air conditioning for the offices and customer waiting area. Some owners are also putting air conditioning in the work areas to maintain productivity when seasonal heat usually reduces productivity. A heating / air conditioning contractor can help you plan the right size and style of heating and air conditioning systems for your facility. Figuring out your air replacement needs, however, is a little more complicated.

Non-heated spray booths and prep stations exhaust large quantities of air from your building. A single spray booth or prep station will exhaust from 10,000 to 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute while it is operating. If your building was air-tight, and if you didn't replace this air, a vacuum would be created that would actually cause your building to collapse. What actually happens, though, is that the booth exhaust fan creates only a partial vacuum, causing dirt-laden outside air to be drawn in through cracks, doors and other openings. In the winter, this is a big waste of energy and makes for cold working conditions. The best way to correct this negative pressure condition is with an air replacement unit.


All air replacement units need a source of outside air. Air intakes can be mounted on the roof, under the roof or in a side wall. Your building design has to plan for the weight of the air replacement unit, and the location of the air replacement unit and associated ductwork. Your equipment supplier should be able to help you with choosing the proper size and location for your air replacement unit. When planning a facility, discuss air replacement units with your architect and equipment supplier.


This roof-mounted air replacement unit draws in fresh air from outside

to replace air exhausted by spray booths, prep stations and mix rooms.


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