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  • Shop Business Goals

3.1.2 Shop Business Goals


This shop counts on the two side-by-side Global Finishing Solutions downdraft spray booths and a specialty auxilliary booth to achieve the high production level it wants. Supported by a trained staff in an efficiently-planned shop, layouts such as this can make it possible to finish 16-20 or more vehicles a day.





Knowing your business goals will help you design the right space. As you begin, evaluate:


1. Types of Vehicles
You Repair

Make stalls for passenger cars, small trucks and vans 12 ft. wide and 24 ft. deep. This will give you at least 4 ft. of working space between cars. Increase the width of a stall lying along a wall to 15 ft. to allow enough workspace on both sides of a vehicle placed in it. Compact cars require less space. You can see how knowing the size of the vehicles you will work on – domestic, foreign, vans and pick-ups, etc, - or the percentage of each, will help you figure out the size and number of stalls you’ll need. And this same information will help you select the right body straightening and metal repair equipment.

2. Number of Vehicles Processed per Week

This is really important for choosing prep stations, spray booths, pulling systems, etc. Accelerated curing equipment such as SmartCure™ from Global Finishing Solutions can finish between 10 to 14 cars per 8-hour shift, while non-heated models may produce as few a 2 to 3 per shift. Knowing what production level you wish to achieve is critical in making the right choice.

3.Type of Work Desired

Cycle times are extremely important to collision shops in direct repair programs. Conversely, restoration shops are not as concerned with quick turnaround. Shops repairing medium or heavy-duty trucks will require different facility and equipment considerations. Again, your answers will help you and your suppliers determine your space and equipment needs. And the answers should be in your business goals.

4.Present and Future Employees

The number of employees you have working will have a lot to do with your production and space requirements.

5. Work Hours per Week

Your work hours per week split between frame, metal and refinish operations. To get the most out each department, you need the right equipment, arranged in the right way, in the right amount of space.

6. Your Desired Market or Image

A overall high-tech, professional image must be supported by high-tech equipment and a high-tech outside appearance. Consider what the interior and exterior of your building say about you to customers.

7. Location

Many shop owners are realizing that shops gain more customers if they are placed in high-visibility locations. Customers are becoming more convenience-oriented every year. An attractive shop located on a busy road is great advertisement.


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