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3.3.8 AdvanceCure - Accelerated Drying of Waterborne Paints


Downdraft airflow is generally accepted as the best type of airflow for a paint booth, and generally speaking this is correct. It does an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination, and provides a safe, clean environment in which to paint. However, there is one limitation that downdraft airflow just cannot avoid. This limitation is the creation of ‘laminar air’ and ‘boundary air’. Laminar air is created as air passes in one direction over a solid object in a paint booth. Boundary air is a low-pressure layer of slow moving air immediately below the laminar air and above the surface of the vehicle.


When looked at under a microscope, even the most perfect paint jobs are not entirely smooth. They have tiny bumps, dips, and ridges that are inperceptible to the naked eye. These tiny imperfections slow down the air enough to create a layer of slow-moving air referred to as the ‘boundary air’. During the paint drying process, this boundary air becomes saturated with water molecules from the paint, and limits the speed of evaporation that can take place. It is this boundary air that prevents the airflow from drawing water molecules out of the wet paint.

In order to achieve the fastest drying times possible, this boundary air must be disrupted and dispersed. This disruption is accomplished by creating turbulent airflow on the surface of the vehicle, which is what AdvanceCure does. It breaks up the slow-moving boundary air and rapidly speeds up the drying process.


With AdvanceCure Turned Off...




You can see that with AdvanceCure turned off, the traditional top to-bottom downdraft airflow causes a boundary layer of slow moving air to form on the surface. Vapors and fumes linger on the painted surfaces as a result. This prevents the underlying coating from being exposed to the moving air, and results in curing times that are longer than necessary. This also prevents the coating from curing in the most effective manner, resulting in a less-than-optimum finish quality.

With AdvanceCure Turned On...


The result of AdvanceCure’s powerful airflow is plain to see. The boundary layer is broken and the illustrative smoke is dispersed much more quickly. This rapid airflow allows the heated moving air to reach the painted surfaces, raise the skin temperature and draw the vapors and fumes out of the coating at a much faster rate. This minimizes the time required for flash-off and curing, and results in optimum curing for the best quality finish.



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