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Finishing Academy Paint Booth Training

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  • Mixing Area

2.4.1 Mixing Area


1. Use only fine nylon or metal strainers.
2. Tighten lids on partially used containers.
3. Replace spray gun cup strainer weekly.
4. Store throwaway mixing cups in a dust–free container, use once and discard.
5. Use only metal mixing sticks.
6. Place paint strainer directly over paint cup, keeping airborne dust from entering cup.
7. Provide a clean surface during all mixing of material.
8. Store painter's suit in clean, filtered mix room, or in a storage cabinet just outside the booth. Prior to any spray operation, this suit must be completely free of all lint, overspray and airborne contamination. A thorough cleaning and blowing off outside the booth is mandatory.
9. Pressure rinse all spray guns with clean solvent (never wipe out interior of cup) and store with lid attached.



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