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  • Safety Basics

1.2.1 Safety Basics


Concern for worker and workplace safety, and environmental protection and conservation, have spurred the creation of codes regulating the placement, construction and use of spray booths.

Because there have come to be so many, the various codes and agencies that govern spray booth classification, installation and operation can be very confusing.

A new spray booth installation is approved or denied by the "authority having jurisdiction."

Because fire, electrical and building codes vary from one area to another, you should consult local inspection authorities before purchasing a spray booth.

These people might be officials of federal, state or local agencies, regional officials such as fire chiefs or marshals, building or electrical inspectors, fire prevention bureau inspectors, labor or health department inspectors, or insurance inspectors or representatives of rating bureaus when evaluating insurance risk. Greater environmental concern has also led to increasing involvement by new agencies having jurisdiction.

These individuals often can help determine what equipment is necessary to meet the local codes. They can also provide guidance on electrical work, fire protection systems, and the location of the spray booth in the finishing area and in relation to property lines.

At a minimum, a spray booth should help you comply with the following codes and regulations:

-National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-33)
-Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
-BOCA National Fire Prevention Code; National Building Code
-UFC Uniform Fire Code
-OBC Uniform Building Code
-SBCCI Standard Fire Prevention Code; Standard Building Code


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