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  • Who Needs a Spray Booth?

1.1.2 Who Needs a Spray Booth?


Is the finishing or refinishing operation in question clean and energy-efficient? Does it meet the business's production standards and levels?

Or, is there evidence everywhere of paint or coating overspray, and an odor which proclaims that there are paint and coatings evaporating into the air?

Is production time spent on re-dos due to dust or dirt contamination or uneven curing, rather than meeting production timelines?


Modern paint and coatings require spray booths with the right technology — pre-engineered filtered heated air and precise temperature controls for all relative cycles, or equally sophisticated water wash impingement, or perhaps powder recovery or other technology.


The days of OEM finishes or refinish product applied in a "homemade" spray booth, or none at all, are swiftly coming to an end all over the world. With concerns about greenhouse effect, global warming and the prevention of atmospheric and other pollution on the agenda of every government, manufacturers and others who include finishing as part of their process are finding that they must comply with new, more stringent rules.


Another driver is the never-ending quest for quality in production. Competition centers on who can get what to the market with the least cost and highest profit. Those refinishers and manufacturers who can reliably reach their quality standard on the first pass are the ones who will dominate their field.


How are these two influences impacting our world? It will work this way. Only those manufacturers or refinishers that can bring their processes in line with current regulatory demands in their region will continue to operate. And of those that continue to operate, only those who can achieve a high-grade finish on the first attempt will prosper.


When the time comes to acquire a spray booth system for the first time, a few decisions have to be made. The cost and ultimately, the final configuration, of a spray booth system is affected by the requirements of the object to be finished, such as size and portability, the materials the booth itself is constructed of, and the type of airflow required to adequately power the process. These three factors together determine the investment required


For example, an non-insulated single skin configuration will cost less than a dual skin insulated model. A larger booth will cost more than a smaller booth. A crossdraft system will cost less than a pressurized or downdraft system. When the benefits of one choice versus another are negligible, as with single vs. dual skin, why spend money for the unneeded feature? When it comes to airflow, however, choices really do affect the quality of the finish. "Is a premium finish really required?" then becomes a critical question.


How can products such as those offered by Global Finishing Solutions help? Equipment engineered specifically for isolating and enhancing finishing operations, while at the same time complying with the myriad of requirements established relating to safety and health, is the solution. Additionally, equipment such as ours can help the manufacturer / refinisher achieve a superior finish in one pass, a fundamental requirement of fiscal prosperity. Global Finishing Solutions's Automotive, Industrial and Truck / Heavy Duty Spray Booths provide a safe and efficient working environment for all coating applications. Today's technology combined with over 100 years of proven experience ensures a high-production facility with years of dependable service.


Our Equipment Features:


Flexible modular design

-Multiple width, length and height combinations allows for expansion from 24' to unlimited lengths


Pre-engineered heated air management systems



-Pressurized Crossdraft



Quality construction


-18-gauge pre-coated and 14-16 gauge structural steel components
-Precise tolerance engineering
-Wall-mounted 6-tube ETL approved Class 1 Division 2 fluorescent light fixtures for superior illumination
-Equipment installation by certified (S.I.S.) Sales, Installation and Service distributors

More choices to meet your requirements


Wall designs

-Single (non-insulated)
-Double (insulated)

Booth configurations

-Solid Back
-Curing ovens
-Custom engineering for special applications
-2-axis and 3-axis man lifts
-Indoor/outdoor spray booth systems
-Indoor/outdoor heated air makeup systems


Who needs a spray booth? Virtually everyone who applies coatings of any kind. Spray booths offer quality and efficiency, and help prevent environmental pollution.




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