Welcome to the Finishing Academy

The Finishing Academy provides training for paint booth users looking to learn about paint booth airflow and filtration, maintaining a clean environment, reducing rework and selecting appropriate booth pressure levels. Whether you are a painter in a body shop or the manager of a military aircraft facility, the Finishing Academy draws on the industry-leading knowledge and experience of Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) to help you improve the efficiency of your operation and quality of your finishes.

Automotive Refinish Training

History of the spray booth, safety, design, curing, lighting and airflow.

Identifying & preventing contamination with step-by-step processes. Learn More »

Shop planning, equipment, accelerated curing and layout. Learn More »

Aerospace Finishing Training

Crossdraft & downdraft airflow, filters, quality assurance and equipment. Learn More »

Inserts, paint barns, large aircraft, booth sizing, doors, lighting, fall protection and budgeting. Learn More »

Booth pressure, systems balance and adaptations during spraying. Learn More »


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